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Noodle Fix

Repair different stuff with noodles, chisel and painting.


Food Roll

Put everything on the ball and throw it in those mouths. More than 1000 levels, can you complete them all?


Animal fire rescue

Help to save animals!


Swipe Assassin: Kill them all!

Defeat all the bad guys and save the attractive hostages.


Timefreeze Run

Popular game mechanics are now available on your phone. The rules are simple - move and time will move too. Try to shoot all the bad guys and dodge all their bullets. Many different types of weapons will help you not to get bored.


Mind Trainer Math

Train your brain!


House Builder 3D

You have a construction crane and blocks. You need to be nimble to build a house and it won't fall apart.


Circle Puzzle

Rotate and form familiar shapes in one line in a circle.


Boomerang Snipe 3d

Defeat all the bad guys and save the attractive hostages.


Pinball Goal 4x4

What happens if pinball is crossed with soccer? And if you add cannons that shoot balls. And 3 opponents are added to all this. Try to win.

What is Go!cha?

We specialize in developing hypercasual games. Food Roll, Red Hot Chilli Sauce, Noodle Fix, and many other games bring a lot of fun to users.

Hey Ho

We are proud to be experts in game development and traffic generation: we know how to create addictive games and how to attract the most relevant audiences from Facebook, Google Ads and many other traffic sources.

About us

From gamersFrom gamers

01 Games from gamers

Our entire team are gamers, and we only create games that we would enjoy playing ourselves. We have spent thousands of hours playing and studying games, and we know the mechanics, visuals and details that are likely to resonate with users.

Nowadays, games provide much more than just entertainment. They have become part of the world's art and culture. We are proud of what we do and believe that we create products demanded by people.


02 Business matters

The studio is growing as a result of our enthusiastic approach as well as a well-crafted business strategy. At the very beginning of our journey, we did a comprehensive market analysis, worked out a long-term plan and built the organizational structure of the company.

Our business-oriented approach allows us to expand rapidly and invest even more in our further development. We are always happy to work with new partners: promising developers, publishers and advertisers.

Let people seeEmoji

03 Let people see

We attach great importance to the final stage of game development – distribution among users. Our team's huge experience in media buying helps us in that.

We regularly test various hypotheses and tools offered by advertising platforms. Then we track the results and scale up. Our expertise in media buying allows us to promote our own products as well as help other projects and indie developers bring their games to the market.


We are looking for specialists who wish to implement bold ideas and change the world of GameDev for the better.

Game designer

  • - Generating new creative ideas,
  • - Game prototypes development and their viability assessment,
  • - Full development cycle from prototyping to release.

Required experience: 1-3 years

Full time, full day